Hello Reader!

However you stumbled across this page, thanks for your interest in me and my books. Here’s my quick “official bio”:

Blythe Baker is the lead writer behind several popular historical and paranormal mystery serieses. When Blythe isn’t buried under clues, suspects, and motives, she’s acting as chauffeur to her children and head groomer to her household of beloved pets. She enjoys walking her dog, lounging in her backyard hammock, and fiddling with graphic design. She also likes binge-watching mystery shows on TV.

And here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Q: When is your next book coming out?

A: That depends on which series you’re reading, but it probably won’t be long. I’m a little slow in updating my website, but if you follow my Amazon page or subscribe to my newsletter you’ll get announcements for all my new releases.

Q: Where can I find more of your books?

A: Some of my ebooks are exclusively available from Amazon, while others are also available from B&N.com, Kobo, and iBooks. My paperbacks can be found on both Amazon and B&N.com.

Q: I like your covers. Who designed them?

A: Thank you. I had fun creating them myself, using stock art.

Q: Blythe is an unusual name. Were you born with it?

A: No, Blythe is a pen name I chose because I liked the cheerful sound of it. 🙂